Recommended Mobile Apps

Our clinic recommends the following Mobile Health Apps:

  • iTriage(free)

    Helps you evaluate any troubling symptoms and then suggests the best, nearest healthcare facilities; gives you wait times at some emergency rooms.
  • GoodRx(free)

    Can compare prescription drug prices at virtually every pharmacy in the United States. Also provides coupons and cost-saving tips.
  • ZocDoc(free)

    Makes it easier to find nearby doctors who accept your insurance plan and to book appointments, even at the last minute. (Use this application to schedule your appointments with our office online!!)
  • RunKeeper(free)

    Tracks your pace, distance, time and heart rate during runs and other fitness activities, and lets you share the information with friends.
  • LoseIt!(free)

    Helps motivate dieters by allowing them to set and log their daily caloric intake by doing such things as scanning the bar codes of foods they eat.
  • WithingsWiFiScale($159 for the scale; the app is free)

    Monitors your weight, BMI, body-fat percentage and other health data when used with the associated wireless scale.
  • IBGStar Diabetes Manager($75 for the meter; the app is free)

    Track your blood glucose levels and insulin usage and share information and trends with your healthcare team with this app and its iPhone-enabled glucose meter.
  • IHealth Blood Pressure Dock($99.95 for the cuff; the app is free)

    An iPhone enabled blood pressure cuff measures your systolic and diastolic pressure, heart rate and other vital signs with this app, which generates interactive graphs and tracks your numbers.
  • Beam Brush(just received FDA clearance; will cost $50)

    A Bluetooth enabled toothbrush and app tracks how often and how long you brush your teeth, serves as a timer so you can do 30 seconds in each quadrant of your mouth and lets you program your favorite song to brush to.
  • Zeo Mobile(headband is $149; the app is free)

    A sensor-embedded headband monitors your sleep patterns, including time in REM and deep sleep, and the app offers advice on how to become a better snoozer.
  • Need Meds
  • Livestrong
  • My Food Diary
  • My Fitness Pal
  • MyNetDiary
  • Spark People